From Butter Cookie Tins to Sustainability: The VOLVERde Story

VOLVERde is an online marketplace of carefully curated, beautiful, effective, low-waste products for your body and home sourced from a variety of responsible brands. We exist to make it easier to discover sustainable product swaps, shop responsibly, and minimize plastic waste.

Like many in our community, we were taught to repurpose and reuse items out of necessity and respect. We grew up opening the sour cream container and finding salsa. We didn’t call it “sustainability” or “zero waste.” It’s just what we did and how we lived.

VOLVERde blossomed out of our childhood experiences and our desire to see more sustainable products made for us, by us—black, brown, indigenous, women, and people of color. We saw the need for a space that honors, celebrates, and reinvents our cultural traditions of sustainability with modern ease, so VOLVERde was born.

We’d been sustainable lifestyle shopping for some time– we’re both passionate about climate justice issues. We’re sisters and moms that live on the south side of Chicago, where it’s not easy to access low-waste products. We had to drive an hour to the nearest store.

We decided to tackle this problem through an e-commerce marketplace. We want to be accessible to anyone, anywhere regardless of how close they are to a zero waste store.

We approach sustainability in a holistic way:

  • We care about the ingredients and packaging but we also focus on the people involved in making a product because all of these things affect the environment.
  • We focus on the environmental impact and address the people and communities most affected by pollution, which tend to be people of color. That’s why we are making it easier for people to embrace sustainability by celebrating products made by women or BIPOC owned brands.
  • 90% of our products made by women- or BIPOC owned brands.

 At VOLVERde, we are passionate about sustainability, accessibility, and celebrating cultural traditions. We believe that everyone should have access to low-waste products that are both beautiful and effective. Our marketplace is dedicated to making sustainable product swaps easier to discover and shop responsibly, while also minimizing plastic waste. We are committed to creating a more sustainable future for ourselves, our communities, and the planet. Join us on this journey to embrace sustainability, one product at a time. 

¡Gracias por su apoyo!

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