Mexican Artisan

Agave Soap Bag


Why We Love It
Plastic loofahs may look innocent hanging in your shower, but they create tons of waste that ends up in landfills and pollutes our communities. They can also leach microplastics into the environment and contaminate water sources. We say: no gracias! Enter this best selling multi-functional product: an agave fiber soap saver bag. This artisanal, handcrafted soap saver bag is the perfect swap to reduce your plastic footprint, extend the life of your soap bars and leave your skin glowing.

Más Info

  • Made from 100% plant-based ingredients using Ixtle, a fiber from agave plants, which has been used for centuries by Mexican indigenous communities.
  • Fibers come from agave plants that are grown without chemicals and prepared by hand.
  • Easy to hang dry, resists mold and mildew, and saves space in your shower.
  • Natural texture provides gentle exfoliation.
  • Treat yourself to a luxurious soap bar knowing that this bag will help you extend its life!
  • Handmade sustainably by indigenous artisans in Mexico using traditional methods.

Handcrafted • Artisanal Techniques • Zero Waste • Plastic-free • No Synthetic Colorants or Dyes • Biodegradable • Compostable

These natural household items are made with love by an indigenous-owned cooperative dedicated to the sustainable and artisanal production of brushes and sponges from vegetable fibers, such as agave henequén, agave lechuguilla, and ixtle de maguey. For over 25 years, the community has produced personal and home care products while employing local artisans, mostly women.

The products are made using 100% natural fibers obtained from different parts of Mexico. Each item is handmade by artisans, carvers, and weavers, creating a bond of a sustainable economy. They also take great care to source raw materials sustainably: the wood is upcycled from furniture makers’ scraps, and fibers are harvested sustainably according to ancestral traditions that have allowed agave plants to flourish for millennia.

Use with your favorite bar soap. Enjoy gentle exfoliation and improved lather. Allow to dry between uses. Fully compostable when you are done with this sponge.

100% plant-based and made from sustainably sourced agave fibers.