Gu Shu

Diosa Gift Set


Introducing the Diosa Gift Set - the ultimate self care gift featuring artisanally made silk scrunchie and sleep mask, exclusively offered by VOLVERde. This set is the perfect gift for you or your friend that could use some time to relax, rejuvenate, and feel pampered. 


Gu Shu Silk Scrunchie One-of-a-kind, artisanally made silk scrunchies are a piece of art for your hair. Made from the highest-quality silk and hand-dyed natural dyes made of plants and herbs by a Oaxacan artist. Keep your gorgeous strands frizz-free with this 100% silk scrunchie. 

Limited Edition Gu Shu Silk Sleep Mask - Get ready to relax and rejuvenate with this Limited Edition Gu Shu's Silk Sleep Mask. Self care at its finest. The luxurious silk fabric is designed to care for your skin while helping you sleep comfortably, all while doing right by the planeta. No plastic here! Dyed using natural ingredients, such as plants and herbs by a Oaxacan artisan. Available in limited quantities. 

Each item is handcrafted and hand dyed. Due to the nature of the natural dying process, no two pieces are exactly alike and may vary slightly from pictures.

Handcrafted • Artisanal Techniques • Plant-based Dyes 

• 100% luxurious silk fabric helps reduce tangles, breakage, and frizz.
• Dyed with natural dyes derived from plants, herbs, and even insects.
• Handmade and hand-dyed by a Oaxacan artisan means no two pieces are exactly alike and may vary slightly from pictures.
• Zero-waste packaging.

Handwash. Lay flat and air dry. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Use a steamer if you prefer to fluff up the scrunchie. Do not dry in the sun.

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