Soap Distillery

Limoncello Body Scrub


Why We Love It
Perfect for whenever you need a pick me up. The Limoncello Body Scrub is a non-toxic body scrub brimming with a bright, citrusy, creamy blend of essential oils. This all-natural scrub makes every day a little brighter and is ideal for those who love to soak up all the sunshine they can get (even in the shower). 

This sugar scrub will not only give you exfoliation, but it also washes cleanly away from your skin unlike traditional sugar scrubs. As the sugar dissolves, the lotion like lather with boosts from shea butter and other natural oils will take over and do the work.

Packaged in a recyclable glass container and tin lid. 

Phthalate-free • Silicone-free • Paraben-free • Nitro musk-free • Detergent-free

• Poppy seeds and raw cane sugar act as natural exfoliators to help slough away dead skin cells.
• Yellow clay acts as a mild cleanser that draws out impurities while replenishing the skin with vital minerals.
• An abundance of shea butter and plant oils makes this scrub inherently high in vitamin E.
• Handmade in Chicago, Illinois.
• Packaged in a recyclable glass container.
• Size: Approximately 10.5 oz

Scent Profile:
A bright, citrusy, creamy blend of essential oils that remind you of your favorite Italian liqueur.

Soap Distillery is a small, black-owned business based in Chicago, founded by Danielle Martin in 2012. Danielle was inspired by a lack of diversity in the handcrafted soap industry and a lack of sustainable practices, so she launched Soap Distillery to make her mark on the soap industry and reduce plastic pollution. While drinking an Old Fashioned during a conversation about scents, she came up with the idea to scent her soap products like cocktails to truly stand out from the crowd. Several years later, Soap Distillery's small team creates a myriad of uniquely unisex scented products that customers love. With fun names such as Limoncello, Whiskey, and Mint Mojito, each soap bar is handmade and hand-cut with love for people and the planet.

Soap Distillery takes sustainability seriously, and we are here for it! Most of their products are plastic-free, the soap boxes are biodegradable, and they only use sustainably sourced essential oils. They go above and beyond to avoid unsustainably produced essential oils, such as sandalwood and palo santo. Beyond great products and sustainable packaging, Soap Distillery donates several pounds of soap and portions of sales to different nonprofit organizations every year.

Massage a small amount onto wet skin and rinse clean. Do not use on injured or irritated skin.
Keep water out of the jar. Use within 3 months of opening.

Raw Cane Sugar, Coconut Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Polyglyceral-3 Methyglucose (Natural Plant Source), Essential Oil Blend, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Poppy Seeds, Yellow Clay, Rosemary Extract, Oxides

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