Zero Waste Señora Kit

$45.49 $49.99

Is your inner señora calling you to cut back plastic waste? We've gotchu, friend. We've bundled our most popular zero-waste kitchen items that will have you ditching plastic and remembering our abuelitas along the way.

What's Included

Agave Dish Brush - Ditch conventional dish brushes made with nylon (a.k.a. plastic) bristles! And say hola! to this eco-friendly Dish Brush. It's made from sustainable agave fibers that reduce your plastic footprint and is handcrafted by indigenous artisans.

Agave Fiber Escobeta - This agave fiber brush is a multipurpose tool is beautiful, functional and reminds us of our abuelita’s kitchen. Beyond nostalgia, this brush is so handy. The hard-textured bristles do not scratch or damage the enamel of pots, pans, and other utensils. You can also use it to clean vegetables or your molcajete.

Beeswax Food Wrap Set - These beautiful, self-adhesive wax cloths are an effortless alternative to single-use plastic film and baggies. It's an easy way to keep food fresh, reduce your plastic use in the kitchen, and say adios! to plastic film and cling wrap. Use them to wrap bowls or to cover food.

Dish Soap Bar - Meliora’s Solid Dish Soap is a plastic-free option to wash your dirty dishes, pots, and pans and kickstart your zero-waste journey. It's gentle enough to be used as a hand soap but strong enough to cut through tough grease, making it a planet- and people-friendly kitchen essential.

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