Zero Waste Bath Set


Take your or a loved one's shower routine to the next level with this zero-waste trio of must-have bath products. Complete with a plastic-free, compostable soap dish, this kit will have you smelling fresh and feeling good about your positive impact.  


Honey Whiskey Body Bar by Soap DistilleryThis natural, non-toxic soap bar utilizes oats as a natural, sustainable exfoliator, while raw honey draws water into the skin for a boost of hydration. Smells of cinnamon blended with black pepper, vanilla and honey create a deliciously sweet and spicy scent reminiscent of an oatmeal cookie.

Long Island Iced Tea Body Bar by Soap DistilleryMade using extra soap bits and shavings, this non-toxic soap bar is the epitome of sustainability. Linger in its fresh scent of lemongrass and lime.

Upcycled Wood Soap Dish - Handcrafted using natural wood, without any enamels or solvents, creating a beautiful home for your soap bar. The artisans that create this soap dish partner with local carpenters and upcycle leftover wood. Home compostable. 


  • Soap bars wrapped in recyclable paper sleeves
  • Long Island Iced Tea bar made using extra soap shavings, which cuts down on waste
  • Soap Distillery is a Chicago-based, Black woman-owned business that donates 20% of its sales to Broadway Youth Center, a nonprofit that supports gay// trans // queer youth. 

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