How does Volverde clean and sanitize pouches?

We have strict standard operating procedures for washing and sanitizing pouches. We follow commercial, food-grade kitchen standards for washing and sanitation.

Why do you use plastic pouches if you’re a low-waste marketplace?

We would love to find a plastic-free container that is easy to ship and clean for our refills. Unfortunately, we haven’t found a plastic-free solution that works. However, we use BPA-free plastic refill pouches that use 93% less plastic than your conventional bottles. Our refill pouches also use significantly fewer resources to produce and transport, reducing their overall carbon footprint compared to rigid plastic bottles.

Will you be expanding your refill menu?

Yes! We are always looking to expand our refill options to help us reduce single-plastic use. If there’s a product you’d like us to offer as a refill, drop us a line at

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