We know that single-use plastic is a huge problem, and recycling is not the solution. The United Nations Environment Programme found that of the 7 billion tons of plastic waste generated globally through 2017, less than 10% has actually been recycled. The rest ends up shipped thousands of miles away from where it was used to be burned or dumped. Additionally, 98% of single-use plastics are produced from fossil fuels, whose mining and processing practices contribute to climate change. 

VOLVERde is here to return to the Latinx traditions of sustainability. Our customs of reusing, repurposing, and being conscientious stewards of our planet’s resources uphold our values and help benefit generations to come. 

  • When you participate in our closed-loop refill system, you can ship back empty pouches (on us!) in a prepaid envelope. We then clean and reuse them over and over again. When pouches are no longer usable, we work with a specialized recycling partner to ensure the pouches are properly recycled.  
  • Our refill pouches are BPA-free and use 93% less plastic than conventional plastic bottles. They are easier to ship and have a lower carbon footprint. 
  • VOLVERde refills make it easy for you to use effective and sustainable home and personal care products without relying on single-use plastics. We offer a variety of brands, scents, sizes, and price points just for you, so you never have to sacrifice what you love. 
  • Yes, our refill options save single-use plastics from ending up in landfills and our communities. But they also enable you to buy larger quantities of the products you love, saving you time and money in the future. 


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