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Start your zero-waste journey with these easy, effective, and muy sustainable starter kits! Inspired by our childhood watching our mamas reuse, repurpose and refill. We have all the essentials covered.

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Featured collection



Welcome to an online mercado that celebrates Latinx culture, features BIPOC-owned brands, & offers zero-waste, refillable and re-usable products, all inspired by the ways of our abuelitas.

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We’re Aidee and Monica,the founding sisters of Volver de

A space for our comunidad & sustainability lifestyle

As proud Mexicanas, we are passionate about social justice, and care a lot about leaving behind a better world for the next generation. A few years back, we were struck by how much of the “zero-waste” branding on the market was erasing the origins of black, brown, and indigenous communities.
So, we set out to create a marketplace that celebrates & elevates our cultural ties to sustainability… with only the best low waste products.

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Online Refills

Refills were the way of our abuelitas and will be the way of our future.

Pick your product, refill, return... y a celebrar!

Remember returning glass bottles to the corner store when you were younger? You may not have known it then, but you were helping the "future you" by eliminating the need for single-use plastics. Now you can create the same impact with VOLVERde’s essential home & personal care products that offer closed-loop refills, allowing us to eliminate plastic waste one product at a time.

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Core values

Effective & High-Quality Products… Siempre

Low-Waste & Non-Toxic

BIPOC Producers & Responsible Sourcing


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