Sustainable Swaps inspired by La Cultura

We're helping you avoid being a rata de dos patas to the planeta. VOLVERde is your sustainable living marketplace inspired by La Cultura. We've curated the most effective, beautiful, low-waste products for your body and home sourced from responsible, diverse brands. Here, you can celebrate La Cultura AND do right by the planeta.


Beginners Guide: 5 Easy Steps to Cut Down on Plastic 

It can be overwhelming to start. The zero-waste world can be intimidating and not very diverse or inclusive. We're here to make it fun, easy and help you feel at home. 

Here are 5 easy and affordable steps we can all take to cut down on plastic to  help the planeta, all while celebrating our cultura.

Bidi Bido Bom Bom

1 - Say Adios! to the Yolanda Saldivar of your Sink

Ditch your conventional sponge, which will only end up in a landfill, in favor of Squishful's Pop Up Compostable dish sponges. These baddies are made from 100% plant-based, sustainably-grown wood pulp from the Pacific Northwest with zero plastic or dyes. Unlike conventional sponges that end up in landfills, these plastic-free sponges are fully home compostable. The unique shape and durable fibers make it ideal for dishwashing and keeping countertops, sinks, and surfaces clean.

Susty Swap

Sustainable Pop Up Sponges (Set of 3)

2 - Compostables have More Sazon

Move over single-use plastic dish brushes: we've got you covered with a range of compostable dish brush options that are just as effective but won't end up in a landfill.

Susty Swap

Bamboo and Agave Long Handle Brush

3 - Upgrade Your Pot Scrubbing Game

How many plastic-based dish sponges have you tossed in your lifetime? Now is a good time to ditch the plastic and try out our compostable pot scrubber made from 100% natural ingredients (including agave fibers and upcycled, untreated wood). Do yourself a favor and upgrade to this planet-friendly, effective option.



Susty Swap

Short Handle Agave Fiber Dish Brush

4 - Me Porto Bonito with Zero Waste Body Wash Refills

One thing about us is that we don't believe you have to give up life's simple pleasures when trying to live sustainably. This refillable, biodegradable body wash is the perfect example. The cucumber melon scent will remind you of a fresh agua fresca: crisp, refreshing, slightly sweet, but never overwhelming. 

It uses mild ingredients to cleanse the skin while incorporating highly effective skin moisturizers to retain your natural hydration. Perfect sensitive skin!

Susty Swap

Biodegradable Cucumber Melon Body Wash & Refills

5 - Single Use Paper Towels = Rata de Dos Patas

Did you know tens of thousands of trees get cut every day just so we can wipe for a few seconds with a paper towel? Let’s go back to the days when our moms wiped the counter with our old gym shirts, but make it stylish and modern. These reusable, cotton kitchen towels are a zero waste swap for paper towel rolls. The fabric towels cling together on the roll and peel off one at a time, ready to clean up any spills. Machine washable and reusable!


Susty Swap

Done wasting money on paper towels? Swap them these reusable kitchen towels, the convenient and sustainable option for your eco-friendly lifestyle.  Made from 100% cotton flannel, they are soft and absorbent, easy to use, and machine washable to be used again and again. These reusable, absorbent cotton alternatives will help you reduce your carbon footprint in the kitchen.

Cleaning Collection

Refillable Collection

We’re Aidee and Monica,the founding sisters of Volver de

VOLVERde aims to return to our traditions of sustainability. Our customs of reusing, repurposing, and being conscientious stewards of our planet’s resources. Our ancestors cared for the earth, and it cared for them in return.  VOLVERde is an online marketplace of carefully curated, beautiful, effective, low-waste products for your body and home sourced from a variety of responsible brands. We exist to make it easier to discover sustainable product swaps, shop responsibly, and minimize plastic waste.

A space for our comunidad & lifestyle of sustainability

As proud Mexicanas, we are passionate about social justice, and care a lot about leaving behind a better world for the next generation. A few years back, we were struck by how much of the “zero-waste” branding on the market was erasing the origins of black, brown, and indigenous communities. So, we set out to create a marketplace that celebrates & elevates our cultural ties to sustainability… with only the best low waste products.

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