Meet our Latinx Brands: Rebekah Jasso Jensen, Founder of Sanara Skincare

VOLVERde meets Sanara Skincare

Sanara Skincare was one of the first products we fell in love with in the early days of VOLVERde sourcing. Sanara Skincare is a Latina-founded, plant-based, skin and body care company inspired by Latin American botanicals.

This brand embodies so much of what VOLVERde is about: culture-inspired, sustainably-sourced, spa quality products and Latina owned. When we tried the Tranquila Collection, we were left feeling like true reinas.

Sanara's therapeutic bath soak is my go-to after a long day. It provides just the right amount of bubbles, while relaxing you with a beautiful smell and nourishing your skin. 

Arrowroot is combined with Jojoba Oil, Aloe, Pomegranate, and Acai berries to soothe and moisturize your skin. Brazilian pink and red clay transform your bath to a lavish beautiful pink hue and gently cleanses your skin. It's no wonder it won the Eco-Excellence Award in the Wellness Eco-Spa category. 

As we got to know Rebekah and her journey, we only fell more in love with this brand. Rebekah, like Sanara, is full of heart and soul.

We sat down to learn more about Rebekah, her background and inspiration... 

How do you identify? What's your background?

5th generation Tejana

What's a sustainability tradition you learned from your abuelita?

Re-purpose, re-use and re-love your containers.

What inspired you to start Sanara Skincare?

I started DIYing my own skincare because I have Psoriasis and was looking for plant-based, all natural solutions. I was inspired to start Sanara when I began to learn about ingredients indigenous to Latin America, and it was through this creative process that I channeled my Grandma Jasso who helped raise me. She was a healer in her day and would often perform limpias and create her own salves. Sanara restores more than your skin. 

How has being a Latina affected your journey as an entrepreneur?

In every single way. I grew up in a small West Texas town where my family was one of the few Hispanic families in the area. Living in an area where you were barely tolerated and never celebrated affects how you view yourself. It was through this journey of creating Sanara that my inner gifts unfolded, and I discovered who I am and what I was put on this earth to do. It was through this celebration of my heritage that I began to shed the trauma from that experience. Sanara is much more than a luxury beauty line. Sanara’s tagline is, “Restore more than your skin” and that sentiment comes directly from my own experience. My prayer is that Sanara does for my customers exactly what it has done for me.

How do you decide which products to make and how to develop them?

The name Sanara is derived from the Spanish word, ‘sanará’, meaning, “you will heal”. My name is what guides me to the products that I create and the ingredients that I use. Sanara creates beauty rituals that restores more than your skin through the mind + body connection. I begin the development process at home, where I turned my dining room into my test kitchen, then I collaborate with chemists to perfect the product so it's ready for the market, creating luxurious and functional self-care products powered by indigenous Latin American botanicals. 

What's next for Sanara Skincare? What are you most excited about?

So much is happening right now that I’m excited about. I’m currently in the middle of switching my primary packaging to meet my sustainability goals-- be on the look out Fall/Winter 2022! I’m also raising my very first friends and family pre-seed round via WeFunder. Sanara is completely self-funded and I’ve taken the last 2 years to test market fit, landing in Sanara in Four Seasons Vail where they successfully perform 2 of my signature body rituals: my TRANQUILA Ritual and El Cuerpo Rituals. With this big win for Sanara, I’m taking that momentum to make one last packaging change that meets my true vision for Sanara and will be ready to scale in 2023.

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