Meet our Latinx Brands: Mayra Cortés Bugarín, Founder of AMAHU


We came across AMAHU through a family connection several years before VOLVERde existed. We're suckers for handmade soaps and loved the unique and culturally relevant scents, like Aloe Vera. So it was really a no-brainer to make our first purchase and support this Latina-owned maker.  

As we started using the products we fell in love with the quality and the scents. The perfect lather and luxurious scents (especially the lavender soap) had us sold. They quickly became favorites at home, with our kids and partners asking us to restock on the "nice soap".

We started buying AMAHU soaps as gifts for friends, and noticed how hard it was to find a one-stop-shop to buy sustainable, Latina-owned products. And the rest is history....

 AMAHU latina-owned natural bath and body soaps

How do you identify? What's your background?

I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco. At the age of 13 I was brought to the US, and I've lived in Murrieta, CA ever since. I proudly identify as Mexican and love my culture and traditions.

What's a sustainability tradition you learned from your abuelita?

Growing up in Mexico, I learned many sustainable traditions, but the one I consider the most important is about conserving water. A few examples are turning off the water while washing my hands, brushing my teeth or showering.

What inspired you to start AMAHU?

I have always leaned towards natural products and alternatives. Growing up, most things were treated with natural remedies. AMAHU is inspired by those experiences and allows me to make skincare products that are made with natural ingredients, while being effective.

How has being a Latina affected your journey as an entrepreneur?

Being Latina has only affected me positively. There is such a loving and supportive community of Latinx entrepreneurs around me who inspire me to do great things. Being an immigrant, I always craved opportunity. I feel like I can now live through this passion of helping others treat their skin with natural products.

How do you decide which products to make and how to develop them?

I am always coming up with new product ideas. This is where my artistic side takes over. Research is a big part of my process. I research the need for the product, work on a formula, and eventually formulate it. There is a lot of trial and error during this stage. I make small batches, ask friends and family to test with me, and if approved, I move forward to add it to my line.

What makes AMAHU's soaps more sustainable than conventional body soaps?

Our handcrafted soaps are more sustainable than conventional soaps for a number of reasons. Commercial soap is essentially a synthetic detergent that pollutes water and ultimately leaves a heavier environmental footprint on our planet. They contain ingredients that we often can't even pronounce! Our handmade soap is made with a vegetable oil base and beeswax, which are naturally-derived, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients and are essential to healthy skin. Not only are our ingredients eco-friendly, but they also result in a humectant soap that leaves your skin soft and moisturized.
Another reason why our natural soap is more sustainable than conventional is because at AMAHU, we believe in a plastic-free packaging. As you may have noticed, we wrap our soap on a thin paper sleeve that details the name, and ingredients in each bar. This paper sleeve can be recycled, unlike plastic wrap or sleeves used in conventional soaps. 
Our all-natural, handcrafted soap is a much better alternative for healthier skin. 

What's next for AMAHU? What are you most excited about?

My goal is to keep growing AMAHU to offer consumers more natural skincare options. I'm excited about growing my line and offering it to more people.


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