Bamboo and Hemp Agave Long Handle Dish Brush


Why We Love It
Bamboo dish brushes make the ideal alternative to plastic sponges and brushes, which is why we love this Bamboo and Hemp brush by Sqwishful. Its handle is crafted from natural bamboo, while the brush head is made of durable, plant-based bristles harvested from agave plants (Sisal).

Plastic-free • Compostable • Vegan

• Scrubs away food and grime without scratching surfaces.
• Lasts 2-3 times longer than conventional sponges and scrubbers.
• Ideal for almost all the dishes in your home.
• The head is fully compostable and can be replaced with a new one to reuse the wand.

Sqwishful started with optimist Jenn Tsang, who loves to clean but hates that most cleaning products pollute our planet. So Jenn set off to make eco-friendly kitchen and home essentials. She created Sqwishful to make the cleaning industry more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive.

Sqwishful products are made with biodegradable, compostable, and carbon-saving packaging. Sqwishful also believes in collaborating with others to inspire a culture of positivity, sustainability, and inclusivity. They work with suppliers who recycle sponge waste, use hydroelectric power, and plant trees to offset carbon.

After using, shake off any excess food and rinse. Hang to air dry.
The bamboo handle and replaceable dish brush head are home compostable.

100% plant-based and made from natural sisal, bamboo, and hemp with zero plastic or varnish.

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