City Maid Green

Wood & Tile Cleaner


Why We Love It
Finally! A natural, non-toxic floor cleaner that gets down and dirty (so you don’t have to). Keep your wood and tile floors spic and span with a cleaner powered 100% by plants and minerals. The fresh, clean scent derived from essential oils is just an added bonus. 

Ammonia-free • Phosphate-free • SLS-free • Vegan • Non-toxic • Plant-based

• Put this sustainable cleaner to work on your wood and tile floors.
• Comes in a reusable glass container that can be refilled or aluminum refill bottle that can be recycled.
• Filled with 3 oz of concentrated cleaner—just add water!
• Made and packaged in Bend, Oregon.

Scent Profile:
Better with Sage - Lemongrass, Clary Sage Essential Oil
Karma Citra - Orange and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

City Maid Green is a non-toxic cleaning brand founded by Diana Palmar. Diana started her journey when she was cleaning homes for a summer with her friend. She wanted to find non-toxic cleaning supplies, but most items she found were not safe for her for the environment. So she decided to formulate her own cleaning products.

City Maid Green provides various cleaning products, from laundry powder to toilet cleaner, that are safe for us and the planet. They’re on a mission to provide access to green cleaning to everyone, one clean house at a time.

Beyond producing sustainable products, City Maid Green is also active in their community. They have donated products and cleaning services to cancer patients, Autism care facilities, and various schools. As employers, they pride themselves in giving women the flexibility and support they need to have sustaining work while being a mom, caretaker, or anything else they pursue outside of work.

Fill bottle with warm water and shake to activate concentrated cleaning solution. Spray liberally on wood, laminate, or tile flooring and mop clean with a wet microfiber mop. Repeat until you’ve cleaned the entire section of flooring. Rinse mop pad as needed.

80 Proof Grain Alcohol, Sodium Gluconate, Decyl Glucoside, Essential Oil Blend

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