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Reusable Cotton Kitchen Towel Roll


Why We Love It
Did you know that as many as 51,000 trees are required to replace the number of paper towels discarded every day? We say: ¡no gracias! Let’s go back to the times our moms wiped down counters with our old gym shirts, but make it stylish and modern. These reusable, cotton Kitchen Roll Towels are a sustainable replacement for paper towel rolls. The fabric towels cling together on the roll and peel off one at a time, ready to clean up any spills.

Each roll comes with 12 towels and a cardboard tube. 

• Pack of 12 comes with a cardboard tube.
• Size: Approximately 10.5 by 12 inches.
• Serged at the edges for durability, these 100% cotton flannel beauties will last for years!
• Will shrink slightly during the first wash while becoming softer and more absorbent over time.
• Handmade by a woman-owned business in Nashville, Tennessee.

In March 2020, volunteer sewists started making fabric face masks as the world shut down. Founder Mary Sanford had been sewing for most of her life, so it was natural for her to join their ranks. Eventually, a local zero-waste store began selling her masks. One thing led to another, and Swink House was born.

Several new sewing machines and sergers later, Mary has expanded her output to include a small collection of eco-friendly fabric items handmade in her studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

Machine wash (without fabric softener), dry, and roll back onto the cardboard tube. You can also just fold and keep stacked in a drawer or basket.

100% Cotton Flannel

Customer Reviews

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I love being one of your customers!

In the past couple of years, my husband had grown accustomed to enjoying an afternoon snack, often something very crumbly, in his home office. Instead of using a plate, he put the snack item on a couple of paper towels…

The first time I viewed the Volverde website, I saw the attractive Swink House Reusable Cotton Towel Roll and purchased it immediately. Now our paper towel usage is down to almost nothing, and my husband has become their #1 fan! On multiple occasions, he has shared that he was an initial skeptic, but the Swink House towels won him over. (-:

Thanks, keep up the great work, and continue to enjoy the journey!


Rosa Perez
Happy customer

i purchased these towels two weeks ago. we are a family of 4 two adults 2 kids, under 3. i love them. during the week the roll last about 2-3 days but i do need to buy an extra roll. my husband was skeptical to try new things but hey are really absorbant after a few washes. i am extremely happy. My daugther likes that the rolls matches our decor and she uses it to clean up spills and dry her hands.

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