Large Organic Cotton Produce Bag


Why We Love It
Ditch the plastic bags and transport your favorite produce from the market to home with zero-waste. From limones to avocados, Eco-Bags Large Produce Bag is the perfect reusable bag for all types of produce.

• Made of lightweight, natural cotton (not bleached or treated with anything) that barely weighs anything on the produce scale.
• Easily replace the thin plastic produce bags provided at stores.
• Drawstring top keeps everything from falling out.
• Handy for organizing travel and gym stuff or as eco-friendly gift bags.
• Size: 12"W x 15"H
• Capacity: Bag tested to hold 36+ onions; 12-15 lbs

Eco-Bags is a brand that has been paving the way for sustainable living since its launch in 1989. Sharon Rowe, the founder, created Eco-Bags with a simple goal: to produce responsibly made and sourced bags at great prices so that reusability becomes a way of life. Eco-Bags understood that single-use plastic bags were wasteful and costly to the environment. So they started with the Classic String Bag, a simple, lightweight, expandable cotton net bag used in Europe for generations, long before paper and plastic bags.

Eco-Bags offers thoughtful, ethically and sustainably sourced, durable, reusable bags that inspire people to reduce, reuse, recycle, and re-imagine the world we live in. They believe that less can be more and are passionate about living greener, simpler, and abundant lives. Eco-Bags ensures all their products support fair wages and fair labor practices for their employees along the entire supply chain.

Machine wash cold, hang dry.

100% Certified Organic Cotton

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