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Everyday Cloth Napkins


Why We Love It
Did you know that as many as 51,000 trees are required to replace the number of paper towels discarded every day? We say: no gracias! Make lunch on the go or dinnertime more eco-friendly with these alternatives to paper napkins. These reusable, 100% cotton flannel napkins are perfect for every day use as a paperless towel, napkin, handkerchief or wipe. They absorb better than paper napkins and liven up your table with beautiful colors.

Set of 5

Más Info

  • 100% single-ply cotton flannel cloth napkins.
  • Machine washable. Will shrink slightly during the first wash.
  • Get softer and more absorbent over time.
  • Edges are serged for durability and to prevent fraying. These handy wipes will last for years!
  • Comes in a pack of 5.
  • Approximately 8.5 inches square.
  • Handmade by a woman-owned business in Nashville, Tennessee.

Machine wash (without fabric softener), dry, and store. These will get more absorbent over time as long as you avoid using fabric softener.

100% Cotton Flannel

about the brand:

Swink House

Swink House was started by founder Mary Sandord in Nashville, Tennessee.

In March 2020, volunteer sewists started making fabric face masks as the world shut down. Founder Mary Sanford had been sewing for most of her life, so it was natural for her to join their ranks. Eventually, a local zero-waste store began selling her masks. One thing led to another, and Swink House was born. Several new sewing machines and sergers later, Mary has expanded her output to include a small collection of eco-friendly fabric items handmade in her studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

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