Mexican Cotton Cleaning Cloth


Why We Love It

Known as jerga or "a trapito", this cotton cleaning cloth is found in most Mexican homes. The unique weave is made from recycled cotton fibers, highly durable, and sustainable by diverting textile waste. 

These recycled cotton cleaning towels come with a special touch that make them one-of-a-kind: they're hand embroidered with sayings and lyrics that evoke childhood nostalgia. Add a touch of cultura and a pop of color to your cleaning routine, all while being kind to the planet. 

Custom embroidery by artist Megan Banias of Chicago For Keeps. 

Más Info

  • Approximate Size: 18” x 14” 
  • Known as "Jerga" or simply a "trapo", this uniquely Mexican multi-purpose cleaning cloth has been used to clean for generations
  • Made from recycled cotton, diverting textile waste from ending up in landfills
  • Multi-purpose cleaning cloth is perfect for wiping up messes and spills, drying dishes, cleaning glass or other household chores. Often used to mop floors.
  • Machine washable and gets more absorbent with each wash
  • Serged edges on all sides to prevent fraying
  • Custom embroidery done by expert artisan, Megan Banias, founder of Chicago for Keeps. Megan is a proud Filipina and Chicago-based artist who donates a percentage of her profits to local nonprofits.


White cloth embroidery reads: Soy de aqui y de alla (I am from here and from there). This is a saying referencing the duality many first generation Latinos feel in being from both the US and their other homeland.

Yellow cloth embroidery reads: Un Rinconcinto del Cielo (A little corner of the sky), referencing a popular Mexican folk song by Ramon Ayala. This song is commonly played at family parties.

Pink cloth embroidery reads: Solo bailo con cumbias (I only clean with cumbias), referencing the common Latino tradition of cleaning the house while playing cumbia music.

Chicago for Keeps is a Chicago-based embroidery company that uses hand embroidered clothing to empower Chicago nonprofits. Chicago For Keeps donates a percentage of its profits to local nonprofits. Founded by Filipina artist, Megan Rae Banias, who learned the art of embroidery from her mom. Since its founding in 2020, it’s been featured in major publications like Forbes and Good Morning America. 

Machine wash or hand wash cold. Do not use fabric softener. Fabric softener reduces textile’s absorbency. Tumble dry low or hang dry

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