Zero Waste Rizos Set


Take care of your gorgeous rizos AND the planeta with this zero-waste hair care set featuring sustainable, Latina-owned brands, available exclusively at VOLVERde. This assortment of must-have, premium, sustainable hair care products is the ultimate gift for you (treat 'yo self!) or your curly hair amig@. 


Gu Shu Silk Scrunchie - Keep your gorgeous curls intact and healthy with this 100% silk scrunchie. One-of-a-kind, artisanally made silk scrunchies are a piece of art for your hair. Each scrunchie is handmade and dyed with natural dyes made from plants and herbs by a Oaxacan artist. The smooth, silk fabric helps reduce tangles and breakage. 

Vida Bars Soothe Shampoo Bar - Handcrafted with the most gentle surfactants, to help sensitive scalps avoid irritation. Formulated to help relieve dry, itchy, irritated scalps with key ingredients like rhassoul clay, oatmeal, allantoin and white willow bark that heal the skin and stimulate the growth of new tissue. Tea tree and peppermint essential oils round out the vital ingredients for your scalp health. One bar is equivalent to 2 to 3 bottles of product. 

Vida Bars Soothe Conditioner Bar - Handcrafted with hydrating ingredients, suited for most hair types. Provides moisture with superior ingredients like mafura butter, shea butter and broccoli oil, to prevent hair breakage and help restore damaged hair. This conditioner bar will keep your hair strong and silky smooth, while eliminating frizz. The conditioner contains some of the same key ingredients as the Soothe Shampoo to help soothe dry, itchy scalps. One bar is equivalent to 2 to 3 bottles of product. 

Shampoo & Conditioner come in a woven handmade pouch.

Color Safe • pH Balanced  • Vegan • Gluten-Free • Zero-Waste • Sulfate-Free •  Paraben-Free • Silicone-Free

- Scent: mix of earthy and fresh. The mix of tea tree, peppermint and lavender essential oils will have you feeling like you’re at a spa.
- Vida Bars have an optimal pH balance for healthy hair, making them color safe.
- Each bar is the equivalent of 2 to 3 bottles of product.
- Vida Bars are handcrafted, which means each is unique and might vary slightly from pictures.

Shampoo Bar - Warm up your Vida Bar by running it under warm water and effortlessly lathering in your hands. Apply the bar directly over scalp and wet hair. A little goes a long way. Work the lather thoroughly into your scalp by massaging with fingers. Rinse.

Conditioner Bar - Warm up your Vida Bar by running it under warm water and rubbing between your hands. Apply the bar along the length of your hair in sections. Let sit for 3-5 minutes. Rinse.

Shampoo / Conditioner Care
Extend the life of your bars by allowing them to dry completely between washes.

Silk Scrunchie Care - Hand wash. Lay flat and air dry. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Use a steamer if you prefer to fluff up the scrunchie. Do not dry in the sun.

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