Peltre Cup and Reusable Napkins Gift Box


This gift box is designed for those who appreciate bold colors, artistry, sustainability, and functionality. These statement pieces add a touch of Mexico to your home, while helping you live sustainably. This is the perfect housewarming gift or for the special person in your life that appreciates artisanally crafted, one-of-a-kind home goods. 

Each gift box includes a card describing the contents, printed on recycled paper. A handwritten gift note can be added free of charge. Include your message in the Notes section at check-out.

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      Set of 2 Michoacán Style Peltre (Enamel) Cups

      • 12 oz, 3.5" width x 3.25" height
      • Highly durable and last for years
      • Lead-free
      • Perfect for on-the-go travel and camping trips
      • Handcrafted in a small atelier in Mexico City
      • Your purchase also supports women artisans working to preserve the art and craft of traditional Peltre with a modern aesthetic

      Everyday Cloth Napkins

      • Set of 5, each measuring 8.5" x 8.5"
      • 100% single-ply cotton flannel cloth napkins.
      • They absorb better than paper napkins and get more absorbent after every wash
      • Machine washable and may shrink slightly during the first wash
      • Perfect for every day use as a paperless towel, napkin, handkerchief or wipe
      Peltre / Enamel Cup

      Safe for cooking and consumption. Free of lead and heavy metals. Suitable for dishwashers, but enamel lasts longer when hand washed. DO NOT MICROWAVE.

      Everyday Cloth Napkins

      Machine wash (without fabric softener), dry, and store. These will get more absorbent over time as long as you avoid using fabric softener

      about the brand:

      Malte Taller

      Malte Taller is a Mexican brand started by two creative and entrepreneurial sisters from Mexico.

      Malte Taller's mission is to take a very traditional material like pewter (enamelware) and turn it into contemporary, original, and fun products that reflect the essence of Mexico.

      Sisters Deni Correa and Zzabi Olaria Agis are the powerhouse women behind this brand. Malte Taller transforms traditional items into contemporary utensils, always with the aim of creating high-quality utilitarian pieces for daily use. This concept of contemporary pewter is a "reinterpretation" of something very traditional Mexican. That is why all pieces are made for people to use and share. With this objective, all Malte Taller items are made with flux inks and baked at high temperatures so that the image does not fade.

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